Who are we ?

Independent Professional Assessment Services (I-PAS) Ltd.
Independent – we are a totally independent company and so we are able to tailor our service to you based upon your business and process needs.
Professional – we are all professionally qualified and more importantly, have a proven track record in certification, supported by consultancy experience gained over many years across a very broad spectrum of industry sectors.
Assessment – we provide robust, independent, value-added assessments against a collection of International Management Systems Standards. We are not tick-box auditors.
Services – Our aim is to provide a genuine alternative service to the more traditional assessment companies and we will utilise our experience to add value through the assessment process. We not only look for compliance but advise where you can really gain benefit from the correct application and understanding of the standards throughout your business.

It is worth noting, that all our assessors have demonstrable experience assessing with the majority of certification bodies in the UK and our assessments are as thorough as any accredited certification, as we are using the same assessors but without the added complications and costs, described on our HOME page.

Real Added Value

We believe that the assessment process should not only evaluate your management system against the relevant standard but also to advise you on the effectiveness of your existing processes and procedures... if we can offer constructive advice to improve any aspect of your management system, our assessors will do so. If you have a system which has been developed by a consultant and is not understood, or is too complicated, we will advise you how to improve it and make the system an integral part of your management activities. We believe this is truly adding value.

Phased Approach

We can offer a phased approach to assessing your business against the various standards. This is particularly useful if you are new to assessment and certification and enables you to take measured steps towards a successful assessment.

We can tailor and plan a phased-approach, to assessing you against any management system standard. This ensures you move at a pace commensurate with your business needs, and also provides for a better understanding of the certification requirements within your workforce.